First Client

FIRST CLIENT: Cannot thank you enough Majda Gahan, you certainly have a gift when it comes to imparting information to another person, especially someone like me that’s had to struggle on his own, trying to navigate through social media…like anything it’s always easy when you know what you’re doing, what to look for etc and the little nuggets of wisdom you gave me yesterday really made me ooh and aahhh😀I get the same buzz when I’m teaching my students, they have a good grasp of a technique and I just throw in a few tips and pointers and watch their faces light up when the penny drops😆Cannot recommend you enough Majda and it’s NEVER too late to learn anything new, whatever you choose to do in life! Carl


FIRST CLIENT: Second testimonial! I teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defence in Wimbledon town centre. I use social media to advertise my classes and have recently started using Instagram as a business account. Up until now, I have been navigating Instagram myself and it’s been a hit and miss process. After one session with Majda, I had more than enough information, tips, and ideas on how to use Instagram to help promote my business. My posts and stories are much better now and I have a lot more people following me since my session with Majda. She is a very patient person and a very good teacher, it is very easy to learn from her and I advise you to take a note pad and pen with you to your first session!! Highly recommend!! Carl Fisher Wimbledon BJJ


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