As Healthy Wimbledon Girl and being part of the local community of Wimbledon, I find out a thing or two through my social platforms. This is how I found out that APPI Clinic in Wimbledon was throwing a ten-year birthday bash (why not!) and launching their new studio facilities! Like any birthday party, there was a goody bag! That of an unbeatable offer!


£175 for a month’s worth of classes! Valid during October and November, 2018.


Well, I cashed in and signed up to Reformer classes. I went every day for a month. Five days a week!


Let me tell you all about it!


Well, if there’s an offer like that, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I am interested! For sure! Imagine, the ability to attend as many classes as you wish for a whole month! Who’s up for that challenge? Well, I was!


The first week, when I turn up, I’m feeling like the new kid on the block. You quickly realise that the Appi Clinic in Wimbledon is very well established already with all its regulars and a steady stream of classes. However, I signed up solely for the reformer pilates classes, this being a practice I hadn’t done before.


So this is what happened!


Week 1 I listen extra carefully to the instructions in the class. I breathe correctly to help me apply the physical challenges. My body is liking being here but having not practised pilates for a while I take it slow and steady. Beginnings!


Week 2 The faces are familiar to me in the class. The teachers know me as well as my strengths and weaknesses. My body is waking up to the beauty of better alignment and posture. I forget to hold my core in and my muscles remind me of that the next day. Oops!


Week 3 I am back. My muscle memory is fully engaged and my pilates body is switched on. I don’t need the teacher to remind me of the basics, tummy in, back straight, neck elongated, shoulders down. I do however need to carry on improving some techniques and finding more space in my body, for that perfect alignment, that perfect core. Improving!


Week 4 I am nearing the end of my four-week challenge. Feeling sad. I’m also demonstrating some exercises to the class when all the reformer beds are busy and a move is being explained. My body is feeling strong and feminine. Cycling uphill is a doddle. My stomach is flat, even if still covered (less copiously) in extra flesh. I’m feeling confident, stable, powerful and more stretchy! My body constantly engaged and under my control. Feeling tall. Result!


Was it worth it? Definitely! Do I feel different? For sure! Would I recommend this to anyone? Absolutely. I loved having a ‘class’ in the diary. Somewhere you have to be at a certain time and meeting friendly faces every day. Everybody asked me about my ‘challenge’. They thought it was something official and something to follow. Actually, it was my own challenge. The offer of £175 for unlimited classes was unbeatable. Too good to be true.


Well, I made it true. I made it happen. Thank you Appi Health Clinic for having me. I had a blast. I’m now ready to carry on my fitness journey. Feeling stronger and leaner and definitely ready to take on the world!

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