This is what happens when you’re part of a community….

You are in a Neom Organics boutique for a wellness demonstration (thanks @beyondbalance) and you become so enchanted with the Neom products around you that you come out blogging about them!

This is what happened to me….

Those who know me will know that beauty products are not my forte. Well, I would love them to be. It’s just that, as a busy mother and wife, I’ve always kept a low profile on all things ‘feminine’ and just powered on through with clean exercise, clean living, clean soap and water and good quality sleep. Though, today, all I can say is…


Wow! Facial Yoga every day, please….

So I turn up at the Neom Organics on Wimbledon High Street, (Wimbledon Village), no 38a, 15 minutes early, just as I’ve been instructed by the text I received a couple of days prior. This is in order to fill out the appropriate medical consent form and have a Neom chat with the wellbeing therapist.

A Neom chat? What is that?…

Hehe. My new terminology! Well, at Neom Organics, the principles of Wellbeing seem to be divided into four categories:

  • The Neom Scent to De-Stress range
  • The Neom Scent to Sleep range
  • The Neom Scent to Boost Your Energy range
  • The Neom Scent to Make You Happy range

Which translates into being invited, as a client, before your treatments, any treatment, to take a Scent Discovery Test. The science is that is that your smell receptors are directly connected to the emotional pathway in your brain. Hence, the smell you choose on the day has a direct correlation to your emotional needs on that day. Neom Organics are here to cater to your exact wellbeing needs, on the day!


Facial Yoga, here we go…..

So I find out the treatment lasts one hour. Emina explains a little bit about the areas she’s going to be covering and that is when I find out that the Facial Yoga is not at all like a normal facial. It’s much more than that and it’s promising to be like an adventure in a treatment room. Ok, I’m up for that!

The products used are all in the Scent to Sleep range:

  • The Body Oil
  • The Sleep Pillow Mist
  • The Cleansing Balm and Cloth
  • The Sleep Face Oil

The treatment starts with a gentle warm leg rub, using mitts, to cleanse and warm the feet. The muscles are massaged as well as the feet and toes, with hot stones between the toes to follow. The neck, arms and chest are also massaged in a gentle detoxing manner with hot stones being placed on my middle as well. All this whilst you’re covered with a towel and feeling nice and cozy. Then there is the facial massage but not so much in the facial cleansing scrubbing way. The face is scrubbed, cleaned and oiled but all this whilst pressing on the meridian lines that release stress, promote harmony and balance whilst increasing blood flow. The meridian lines are being targeted in the hands and feet as well. The pressure is firm but gentle at the same time. All in all, this Facial Yoga massage is a mixture of reflexology and hot stone treatment rolled into one, incorporating the whole body including the face, making this a whole body detoxing treatment.


How did I feel?….

Amazing, of course. Like floating in heaven. The protocol after this massage, like with any other massage, is to rest and be aware of any energy slumps one may feel in the day and to drink lots and lots of water, of course, to allow for the toxins to flush through. Emina offered me a glass of water and allowed me to stay in the room for as long as necessary, to allow me to get my bearings.


Did you know?…..

As it happens, Neom Organics Wimbledon is the only branch of Neom where you will find treatment rooms. Yes, you read properly! Treatment rooms in the plural. There are two treatment rooms at the back of the boutique. A quiet demarcation zone where you’re transported in a spa-like atmosphere. There, you will be offered water or a cold drink of choice plus offered your Scent Discovery Test. It is a time of calm and wellbeing where you leave your worries behind.

Neom has a loyalty scheme you can participate in if you wish (finding that pot of gold waiting for you after a few purchases!). They also offer, on all their treatments (whether 60mins or 90mins long treatments) a buy three and get your fourth one absolutely free. Even more incentive to nourish yourself from the outside in.

All in all, a very positive wellbeing experience, to lift your mood and rejuvenate you. Not physical yoga but facial yoga! Who would have thought? All you have to do is come to Wimbledon and meet your Neomologist! You will be well taken care of!

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    This is going on my Christmas list! Great post very informative thank you!

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