As with most things in life, the idea behind the Health Zone arrived whilst Mishal was busy helping out a friend with his own business venture. Mishal slowly got introduced to the health food market, which not only converted him to change his own lifestyle but also got him thinking about entering the international health food market for himself and starting up his own business.


Healthy Wimbledon Girl met with Mishal, co-owner of Health Zone, to find out more.


HWG: So Mishal, why did you set up in Wimbledon?
Mishal: It was purely a business decision. This part of London is in a good affluent area and it seemed only natural that I should consider it for the business. I’ve been in Wimbledon now for the past 21 years.


HWG: Do customers travel far to come to your store or are most people local?
Mishal: We find we serve mostly local clientele. We do deliveries nationwide for any order over £19 and we also offer a click and collect service so there are loads of possibilities to access our products.


HWG: Do you sell anything online?
Mishal: The online shop service is only applicable to certain products that are more appropriate to sell in this way i.e. all the dietary supplements and all skincare and body care products.


HWG: Do you often go to trade shows?
Mishal: Actually I don’t need to go often. I go once a year in April to a London based trade show called the Natural and Organic Products Show.


HWG: What do you learn from the trade show?
Mishal: It’s important that I keep in mind the international food trends that tend to come our way from the States. However, it remains important to keep my customers’ needs first whilst keeping an eye on current trends and still preparing for the new ones coming.


HWG: In your opinion, is there a new food trend coming our way?
Mishal: Not really. In actual fact, what we tend to forget here in the UK is that most foods that are unusual here tend to be the norm somewhere else so there is no magic trend to be discovered. It’s all out there already.


HWG: Do you eat healthy yourself?
Mishal: Oh absolutely. 100%. That’s how I got into this. I truly believe in working in an industry where I am a believer and a follower. True health is vital and especially if you wish to lead an energetic and positive life.


HWG: Finally, I must ask. Do the tennis championships affect you?
Mishal: Of course they do. Somehow all of the locals have a tendency to disappear and we find there’s very little walking trade. It is a shame though as the streets of Wimbledon are mostly empty outside of the start and end of the tournament schedule so it is a shame that the town is empty of its residents.

It was a real pleasure talking with Mishal. Does he have a wish? A couple actually. Naturally, he would love a bigger store. I am not too sure if he would like more than the one store but definitely more space for this store to keep all the multitude of products that he seems to carry. No one is ever disappointed when walking into Health Zone. Somehow, any product you may wish for seems to be available and in stock. Mishal is often left wondering where to grab his working lunch. Even though Wimbledon is peppered with good eateries, Mishal is still looking for that special place that provides that quick nutritious healthy workingman’s lunch. Still, if you’re looking for him, you’ll often find Mishal up on Wimbledon Common, on his daily walk, which he absolutely loves. What is there not to love?

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