“What kind of name is that?” you may ask yourselves. Well, the answer is staring you straight in the face. Of course, it’s a mother-daughter collaboration, Lucy (LU) being the daughter and Maria (MA) being the mother. Lu-ma café has been operating for four years now and growing from strength to strength.


Healthy Wimbledon Girl spoke with Alice, Manager of Lu-Ma café, to find out more.

HWG: What was the inspiration behind Lu-Ma?
ALICE: Lu-Ma is simply “our way of life”. It’s the way we live, we eat. We live and eat a gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free, vegan way of life. So the café is here so we can share our life with others.

HWG: Where do the menu inspirations come from?
ALICE: As with all great stories there is always a great beginning. Maria and the head chef Angela , a vegan macrobiotic chef herself, became firm friends when they met in Denmark a few years ago. Together they conspired to make their ‘healthy life’ a reality which is now better known as Lu-Ma café!

HWG: Are your customers mostly local?
ALICE: Of course they are but customers have been known to travel from the north of London just to come see us.


HWG: What in your opinion is the most popular dish on the menu?
ALICE: Our bean burgers are a sellout.  They’re usually made of black beans but that can change.  It’s usually a choice between three different beans.


HWG: Do you have any daily specials?
ALICE: Our menu is seasonal and changes three times a year.  We also have a daily soup as well as a daily dish of the day.


HWG: The final question has to be about the Wimbledon tennis season.  Is trade affected?
ALICE: Of course the tennis championships affect us. During those first two weeks in July, Lu-Ma Cafe is open daily, all day, until 930pm.  No bookings, just walk-ins.

Alice, Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Alice. She was cheerful and you could see she loved her place of work. Outside of work hours, she likes to keep busy with active exercise, knowing full well she can replenish herself with good-hearted nutritious healthy delicious food when back at work.


When I asked Alice what her favourite dish on the menu, she sniggered and coiled with laughter and her whole face grimaced with pleasure. “The warming buddha bowl,” came her reply “for its colours and taste”. Her delight was immeasurable just thinking of her buddha bowl.


Lu-Ma café listens to its customers. The regulars keep coming back for the food and the warm atmosphere. Lu-Ma makes everyone feel welcome. The café opens till 430pm daily but they’ve now started opening two evenings a month (every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month) due to popular demand and booking is definitely advised. If you’re lucky you can catch their evening menu on any one of their active digital platforms Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You’ll definitely be booking your place. It’s a set menu with a choice of one of two starters, one of two mains and one of two desserts. Yum!

Maria, as in Lu-Maria

When I asked Alice if there were any plans for Lu-Ma café to expand or grow in any shape or form, Maria came up from behind me as she had overheard my question to Alice. “Definitely!’ announced Maria as she smiled from ear to ear. Say no more!

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