The fruit stall in Wimbledon by the library. How many times do you reckon you’ve walked past it? How many times have you stopped by and bought something? Either on your way home or coming back from the station (in my case!). Have you cheered the boys on? Said hello?


Well, now you can….


Meet Mick and Bob. Who’s who? Haha

Meet Mick. He’s the smiley one. Proud owner of the ‘Ferrari Fruit’ stall. Born and bred in Wimbledon. Started working at the same stall sixty years ago when it was owned by JH Powell. He was 11 then!!


Well, things have changed a little. Now he has to be up at the crack of dawn to make the daily trip to Covent Garden — just for us!! If he’s lucky his mate would have a warm cup of coffee waiting for him at 3.45am when he arrives. That’s definitely a good start to the day!!

Meet Bob. He’s the smiley one too (oops!). He’s been living in Wimbledon for the past 25 years. He gets a lie in and waits for Mick to get back from Covent Garden. He started helping Mick about eight years ago, having been friends way before that.


“Getting up early is a piece of cake,” he says. “You just get used to it after a while”.


What I still can’t believe is that neither Mick nor Bob wear hats during the coldest of weathers.


Mick and Bob are also helping Healthy Wimbledon Girl with her #MeetUpMondays gatherings at the Alexandra supporting Mick.  They’re providing the fruit stock for the free lunch and Bob is kindly delivering it all for me.  Rain or shine, even when they’re not opening the stall due to bad weather, Bob is personally driving over to the Alexandra to deliver the fruit in person.   What a star!


The fruit stall? It’s doing great thanks. Mick’s grandson is super keen to take over (all in good time!!) and the locals keep them smiling. They love it during tennis season with all the extra strawberries being bought. If you arrive for the Championships at Wimbledon Station and walk up to the tennis, then you’re definitely going to see them.


Still, hats off to you both and thank you very much. Wimbledon wouldn’t be the same without you. Come say hi! They’d love it if you do!

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