I’m sitting here writing this, quite unsure how to start, yet knowing that I must.


Sharing this personal blog and the healthy lifestyle pages that I share with you on Healthy Wimbledon Girl brings with it a responsibility. I must respect you my followers and I wish to bring some value to your lives, experienced from living my own. That is how I find myself sharing with you this experience I am going through.


I was debating whether to share this at all. Oversharing is not my intention. However, every time I mentioned to a friend that I am having food delivered at home, a million questions come flooding my way. So this is what I learnt and this is what I’m doing:


When I told all my friends that I was having food delivered at home, for me to control my portion size and relearn how and what to eat, this is what happened:


1. Everyone thought I was having fresh ingredients delivered to the house for me to cook but no, I had chosen a company called Balance Box to deliver ready-made healthy meals straight to my home.

2. Everyone wanted to know which company I was using and if they had heard of it. When I told them I was using a company called Balance Box they looked at me blankly.

3. No one could understand why I was having fresh ready-made meals delivered to my home. So I explained that I was helping myself. That I was enabling myself. That I was taking care of myself. That it was time I took responsibility for my own body and did something about it.


Some of you may have been in my shoes before. If you have, then you know how horrid it is to love food, to eat healthily and yet eat too much. I eat a lot when I’m happy, to celebrate or to share a meal I have prepared for loved ones or friends. I eat when I’m sad, to compensate for not being able to process feelings fast enough. I eat when I’m bored, to fill the time and maybe fill a void. I eat when I’m stressed because I can take it out on food. I eat when I’m angry because I can take it out on me.


Frankly, I eat. Food is my friend because it heals my body and makes me better. Food is my enemy because it stops me from living a more fulfilling life plus it stops me from fitting into my clothes. Which is really stressful in itself. Hence, the perpetuation of a vicious cycle. Well, one of the vicious cycles.


In my shoes also means going stretches of time in a good place, feeling strong and energetic, fitting in all my clothes and able to sleep well. It also means going stretches of time in a not so good place, feeling weak and lacking in energy, not fitting in any of my clothes and feeling frustrated.


That would make me a yo-yo dieter, even though I’m not dieting. I’m just unable to control my moods, my food intake, my feelings which all go into one big melting pot of a mess.


So back to the saviour that is Balance Box, able to deliver ready-made healthy meals straight to my doorstep, allowing me to stick to the correct portion sizes whilst showing me that I needn’t go hungry whilst doing so.


If you wish to know how I’m getting on do contact me. Otherwise, the journey and the results will come in another blog.



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