Another holiday, another excuse to change your behavioural pattern. If it’s not this holiday, then it will be another holiday. There’s always an excuse to let go, to let it be, to join in with the crowds and allow the festivities to take over.


Maybe so. But maybe this time, armed with the knowledge that you have, you will be able to minimise the negative effects of ‘being on holiday’ and effectively manage to stay within the boundaries of a healthy lifestyle.


Easy peasy.  Follow these easy guidelines:



1.DRINK MORE WATER! Do not forget to keep drinking your quota of water. As much as you can throughout the day. Do it in whichever fashion suits you. Some say sip all day long, some claim gulp glasses at intervals, or do a mixture of both. Frankly, none of it matters. Do what you can, when you can. Of course, that first glass in the morning is mega important. Infused with lemon, mint, ginger, plain. Doesn’t matter. A glass upon waking will flush you out and start the day as you mean to go on. Keeping hydrated will flush out the unwanted toxins and keep you full of energy so you can make good healthy choices throughout the day.


2. WALK! Wherever you are and regardless of your day job, keep moving and keep walking. If it means taking the stairs up, or just down. If it means getting off the train one station before and walking the rest of the way. If it means planning a walk home instead of taking public transport. If it means leaving enough time to walk to a friend’s place or to the venue instead of hopping in the car. Do it. It’s easy. You’ll feel wonderful after. Walking will keep your limbs mobile, will replenish your blood with fresh oxygen and will fill you up with positive endorphins. Enabling you to make good healthy choices throughout the day.


3. LAUGH! Find laughter. Allow yourself to laugh. Let it all out. Somehow, the thought of seeking out laughter may make you seek out friends, carve out some quality relaxation time. Laughter will make you forget your woes and relax your body. It will allow you to change your perspective and hopefully arm you to make better healthy choices throughout the day.


4. EAT A LITTLE BIT LESS! During the holidays it’s very easy to gather with friends and family around the table or out at eateries. Maybe, with all the different options outlined above you can choose to spend quality time away from the dinner table. When you are all eating together, try and slow your pace down a little, appreciate the moment for what it is and take the emphasis away from the food and more towards the gathering. Enjoy the friends and that warm feeling. Think less about the food and ultimately try and eat a little bit less than you would normally. This in turn will make you feel so much better the following day and allow you to make better decisions towards healthy choices throughout the day.


5. MEDITATE! Yeah sure, easier said than done. For sure, meditation is not for everyone. But meditation, in this instance, is a generic term for slowing it down a little. Take time for yourself. Sit quietly for a while, close your eyes if possible. Seek out that peace or just a bit of space. That important me time, time for yourself. If it means having a cup of tea in peace or reading a few pages of your book, then that qualifies for important me time. If it’s a few minutes of stretching out on the carpet or singing your favourite songs in the bath, then that also qualifies for important me time. Meditation is about slowing your mind and your body, in your own personal way, enough to replenish your soul and clear your mind, giving you enough space and peace to help you make healthy choices throughout the day.


Festivities and holidays are what we all live for and times that do give us wonderful memories and pleasurable moments. Imagine how, by following these few little tricks, we can keep that wonderful level of positivity and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. The concept of a healthy lifestyle is not just a concept. It can be your everyday reality and if it isn’t’ your reality right now, then what better opportunity then during those holidays, to try and make it your reality. Five easy steps, five steps towards living and maintaining a year-long healthy lifestyle. You can do it, you’ve got this!



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