I am writing this mini blog as my own little contribution to the world of positive thinking and wellness in the every day. Not long ago I met a friend at a dinner party who shared with me that he was strengthened and found solace in reading my blogs that someone had sent to him.


Simply put, there is someone out there thinking about you all the time. Your words do matter, your conversations are remembered, your kind words are cherished, your kind thoughts play a big part. You do matter, you are important, you are part of everyone’s life. You are what makes you special.


So here are five little pointers to keep in mind:

  • TRUST yourself
  • TRUST your thoughts
  • TRUST the process
  • TRUST who you are
  • TRUST that you are ok


Trust and believe in the positive and in the kindness. If it is you looking for support, then reach out and ask for that kindness. If you see others around you struggling in the trusting process, then reach out and lend a helping hand. We have to trust and believe that we are on the right path, however bumpy that path may be.


Keep trusting, keep believing, you will be ok.



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