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You may be wondering what a 50+ lady is doing on the digital scene and especially as none of her friends are on social media. I don’t blame them. Life is for living. Who needs social media and who needs technology? Well, this girl does.


My story is short, like everyone else’s. Time has a way of hurtling forward. Close one eye and open another and here I am on the other side of 50 with a whole heap of experiences that can be bunched in a few sentences.


My name is Majda and I’m a wife and mum of three. It was love at first sight when I clapped eyes on my husband and we’ve been married thirty years. We were young, we were happy and living our lives but our paths crossed and that is what they say ‘is that’!


In many ways, these last thirty years is what I reckon have shaped my adult life. I have memories of my life before Patrick but they’re all flashbacks. It all seems to be things that happened to me rather than things that I chose to happen to me.


Here I am now, living a gluten-free life and talking ‘healthy’. Have I got a perfect life and have I got a perfect balance? Of course not! Did I have to learn all about healthy and fix myself after I got sick? Hell yes! Did I suffer from postnatal depression? Sure did! Have I felt vulnerable and in need of friends and company? Certainly, many times! Which is how I’m able to stand here in front of you, having experienced first hand all the above and much more. It does not make me an expert. It makes me very human indeed, having suffered all the little and big things in life, having learned to be humble and grateful for every minute we have on this earth. I am stronger, happier, wiser (hehe) and open to learning every damn minute.


This girl likes to eat. My Mediterranean blood seeks plentiful food around the table and heart of the family beating around. My mother used to hide the fruit from me when I was younger. “Leave the other half for your three brothers”, she used to say. I’ve just found out, these past few months have confirmed it, that I’m an emotional eater. Happy, I eat. Sad, I eat. Stressed, I eat. I may eat the right things but I eat too much of them. I’m also not very good at multitasking. I can only look after one thing at a time. The kids? Check. The husband? Check. The house? Check. Me? Check. Do two of these things at the same time and I have a problem. If I go on a retreat, I have no problem eating well. If I have a personal trainer, I have no problem eating well. The pounds never fall off which is another reason why I get frustrated. All the other participants at retreats lose loads of weight around me and there’s me, left just as heavy but a healthier fitter version. My mind controls my body and I never exercise enough. I used to, when younger, like clockwork, tight routine, but with age and family and stress comes a lack of routine and a lack of putting yourself first and that’s when the house comes tumbling down.


A few years ago we went through very stressful circumstances, with me experiencing the menopause at the same time. My body crashed and burned. I had adrenal fatigue, a threat of hypothyroidism, was overweight, had burnout and finally had to choose whether to surrender to modern medicine or find the answers myself to a natural solution to my problems.


That is when all the experiences that I had gathered up to then had to be put into action. I sought natural answers before medicinal ones. I exercised diligently, I ate well but the clock was ticking. My herbalist mentioned in passing that there had been studies on the correlation between gluten and inflammation so that is why I gave up gluten and lo and behold my body regulated itself again.


This is the new me. This is the Girl behind the Healthy Wimbledon Girl. Now a woman seeking another fulfilling occupation. A woman who is still trying to find balance and more self-love. A woman learning to multi-task and look after herself as well as a new career. Every day is a new day and a new chance to experience life and treasured moments, always hoping to become a better version of what we already are. Always living in the happy moment of the now and here.


I am who I am because of yesterday. No regrets, only hope, and positive vibes.


Majda x

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  1. June 4, 2018 / 6:30 am

    I just found your post via twitter. I enjoyed reading it. Well done for taking back control, it’s not always easy to do with a busy life and the stressors that do with it.

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