Hello again 👋!


I thought it was time again to reintroduce myself on here. Time goes by so quickly, posts accumulate and we go around thinking that everybody knows us.


Well, hello. My name is Majda and I started Healthy Wimbledon Girl back in March 2018, on Sunday 4th to be precise. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn. I’m a mum of three grown children with a husband who traveled on a weekly basis. Over time it became harder for me to find employment, the kids’ problems grew exponentially and the household was finely balanced with me at the helm.


Here we are thirty years later and I finally committed to learning a new skill, one of social media and digital marketing with Digital Mums. The idea was to upskill, become a social media manager and then use that skill within my local community. The seven months course was a bumpy stressful ride. What promised to be a part-time home learning course turned out to be a full time extremely stressful experience that added another string to my bow of managing stress and staying healthy.


The upside: I am now a fully-fledged Social Media Manager. I manage Healthy Wimbledon Girl to the best of my ability, in the hope of growing a stronger platform and earning your trust.


What I have discovered is that I love what I’m doing. I have been made to feel very welcome by my followers and that means the world to me. I love sharing and I love being part of this community.


What I’m also learning is that life can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It’s about enjoying the moments. It’s about enjoying what you have, be it health, happiness, time, friends, good food, simple food. Listen to your body, listen to your heart, do not look around with envy or pain. Be happy, for this is the only life you have.


Let me know if there’s anything you’re particularly enjoying or would like to see more of on this journey together. Am hoping you’re enjoying all these offers I’m bringing your way. Lots of giveaways in the pipeline! Wimbledon Girl is here to stay, talking health, fitness, and wellness and looking to grow. As with all freelancers, we are always working behind the scenes to bring you more so always watch this space. And thank you for your support!



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