As we see through another year, this is the time to count our blessings and consider all the milestones achieved this past year. Milestones may seem a very strong word to you, but it is indeed this very word that I wish to use.


Every day is a milestone and every year is a year of achievements. However big or small our steps are in our journey through life, we are evolving and growing and that is something to be celebrated, each and every day.


Lessons I’ve learned this past year..


  1. It’s never too late to start. Age is no barrier to anything you wish to achieve
  2. No step is too small or too big. The important thing is to start, take that first step into the unknown. Tomorrow will make today history
  3. Believe in yourself. Trust your own judgement. Go forward and be strong
  4. You will fall, you will find hardship. That’s ok. Cry if you must. Shout if you must. You will have learnt from this hardship and it will make you stronger
  5. Not everything goes according to plan. You will make mistakes. That’s ok too. Leave them behind and learn from them
  6. Kindness is everywhere. Don’t judge anyone by their cover. Lend that helping hand and if you need someone to help you then look around. Friends, strangers, family are all there to help you.
  7. You are important. You do make a difference. Your opinion matters and you are part of a whole. No one is alone. We are all part of each other’s lives.
  8. Love yourself. Without this, then none of the above is very important
  9. Look after yourself. From water to food to exercise. Do what you have to do, even a little bit every day, to make a difference to your health.
  10. Seems silly but laughter makes you happy. Laughter is the best medicine. Fixes your brain pathway and your physical pathway. It’s music to our ears and balm to our bodies.


I feel I’m constantly learning and eternally striving for that better balance and that greater inner peace and happiness. The reality is that we make our own destiny. That it takes strength and bravery. That happiness is the key that opens all doors. Find your inner happiness and life will be a dream worth living. Bring it on 2019!



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