Having shared with you the first Digital Detox ‘when is a phone not a phone anymore?’, I find myself still trying to come to terms with this digital jungle and the world of social media. Now that I have started on this road of Digital Detox, you soon realise that this road is a very long one, a never-ending road of self-discovery. Maybe I should have named it ‘top 5 survival skills in this digital jungle’ but instead I have chosen a more realistic title and a kinder one.


So let’s start finding out what these top 5 amazing new habits we must start putting into practice…


1. Hide your phone during the day

Human instincts are a mighty thing. Learn to hide your phone. I cannot stress enough how important that is proving to be. Something as simple as that. Hide your phone. The body is an amazing tool that does wonderful things and the brain is a super powerful engine. Unfortunately, these built-in mechanisms can work against us sometimes.   So when you see your phone in front of you, it’s becoming a habit to pick it up. Why should we spend all our positive energy on such a mundane task? The easiest thing would be to hide the phone.


Out of sight out of mind and more importantly out of reach!


2. Hide your phone at night

Bedtime habits. We all have our own bedtime routines to help us have a restful night. Sleeping well is such an integral part of a healthy body. A good night’s sleep is important to keep our adrenals working properly. A good night’s sleep also regulates our daily activities and helps us keep our body weight in check. When cortisol is regulated then all the other body functions fall in line and work at optimum level. A bad night’s sleep, simply put, makes us lethargic (body out of sync) and grumpy (mind out of sync). Do not be tempted to reach out for the phone. Instead, turn off digital at least an hour before light’s out, have a warm relaxing bath (magnesium salts may help), read a book, have a conversation, have a warming drink of camomile tea or meditate listening to calming music. Time to reflect on the day perhaps. Come what may hide the phone.


Out of sight out of mind and more importantly out of reach!


3. Mobilise your body every hour on the hour


Is it working from home or is it social media? Is it the sitting at your desk all day long or is it the sitting in front of screens all day long? We all work. Everybody works. But the digital work is treacherous. Sure, we’re not battling over dangerous terrain nor are we climbing mountains and crossing rivers. We are not laboriously chopping wood or gathering logs. The digital work is treacherous though. We are sat, and I mean sat, not moving, not using our bodies, not doing what a body is supposed to do – move. The digital work is abusive. We are at the mercy of inactivity, immobility and at the mercy of a long tunnel of time warp. There is no time, there is never enough time, where is the time gone, no time to do anything. That also means no moving, no activity. My solution: to use a timer that will remind you to stop what you’re doing and get on with mobilisation.  So instead of your mum shouting at you like in the old days, you’ll now have your timer reminding you to stop what you’re doing, put your pens down, get up from the desk and from your seated position and start doing some moving!


So, on the hour, every hour, get up, move about, jump, skip, do squats, burpees (haha) or planks. Move, mobilise, shake it!


4. Drink water


Simple. Easy. But no! With immobilization comes lethargy. The bodily functions slow down. The digital world takes you into this vortex of inertion. That’s right! You then forget to drink your water. Well, let me tell you. Drinking water is the most important thing you could be doing. Drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do. As the saying goes, you must help yourself. This is where we need to help ourselves as much as possible. Remember to drink! Maybe you use the togl to remind you to drink your water. Maybe you keep that bottle of water right in front of you to remind you to drink your water. Maybe you finally use that sexy water bottle you friend bought you for your birthday and keep it on your desk full of water. No point using it for the gym only or for special occasions! Do what you need to and do what you must.


Remember to keep hydrated and keep on drinking that water!


5. Finally, breathe

Social media. Digital detox. The world of computers. Friendly? not really. Manageable? not really. Stressful? definitely. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The people are amazing, the friends I’m making are beyond exciting. You can hear the person on the other side. They are just like you, with friends just like you, with families just like you, with stress levels just like yours and they’re super wonderful. So yes, I am making friends. So yes, social media people and digital people are super friendly and there is nothing wrong with that world of friends. Very healthy thank you very much. But the stress levels are high, the pace is fast, the terrain is ever changing. The rules of the game change minute by minute, they change every day, they change all the time. You may well ask how social media people keep on top of things. Well, we are good at what we do. But here’s the trick. Breathe. The ride is super fast, super exciting. Hold onto your chair cos it’s going to be another exciting day.


But remember to breathe. Stop and breathe. Breathe for your sanity and breathe for your body. Make breath your friend and don’t leave your friend behind. Breathe!


Those were the top 5 habits to put into practice. Easy? I must admit, writing this article made the world of digital sound harrowing and full of pitfalls. Well, it sort of is. But it’s also full of possibilities. The digital landscape is paving the way for a modern lifestyle and modern working practices, from freelancing to flexible working. The digital landscape is paving the way for equality at work, for allowing digital workers to be seen as equal. Equal in pay and equal in skillsets. Yes, the digital world has overtaken the working landscape, businesses are rallying to keep up with the new trends. The workplace is making way for the mobile workforce that is here and learning more every day. This digital workforce is being empowered. But at what cost? We must learn to keep healthy, to learn about digital detoxing and to learn to stay strong. That, in turn, will create a more encompassing community of workers and yes we can be healthy too.


Everybody is talking about work-life balance. I strongly believe that if we can master a digital detox, then we are all on the way to utopia, that special work-life balance that makes for a wholesome community.


Happy living, Majda x

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