What is Digital Detox? Well, ever wondered how your phone went from being an antique tool to being a phone for your pocket to being a Whatsapp facilitator to being your work desk on the hop. When did a phone stop being just a phone?


Detoxing is all about escaping your stress factors and learning to put your personal needs first. So let’s put this to the test.


Time to stay STOP! Well at least for a day…….


Top 5 key stages:


1. Feeling Lost
You know when you change your habits and someone takes away your favourite toy, that first feeling of being lost. You don’t know what to do with yourself. What do I do now? You look around, realise there’s more to life than looking down with a pair of specs on……….


2. Huge case of FOMO
Yes folks, that stands for Fear of Missing Out. What if something is happening that I should know about? All those pictures of families having fun, of friends in exotic places or out having a drink with their mates. Why wasn’t I invited? Don’t I wish I were there with them, on that beach, climbing that mountain?


3. The gift of Time
Wowzers, you suddenly have all this free time on your hands. You’re suddenly free from looking down at the phone. You’ve been given the gift of time. You are free. Hey, that’s a novel idea. What shall I do with myself, have a bath, go for a walk, catch up with friends, meditate, breathe? All these options, all these opportunities. When you realise ‘Selfcare’ covers all these options mentioned above. That’s when the truth really hits you. Have I been neglecting myself?


4. Joy
Hey, you’re happy. It’s like that big cloud has been lifted off and you can see light in front of you. A sense of selfishness and pure joy. You’re actually happy, happy to be free. Happy to be your own man/woman and making your own destiny. You realise anything is possible.


5. Liberation
Woopee, the world is not falling apart. I can survive without the phone and I shall survive without the phone. Those who know me will respect me. Those who love me will applaud me. Those who berate me never knew me at all. Best of all I feel truly free, unshackled. I won. I enjoyed spending time with me.


Truth: I did miss the ‘telephone’ (but the call wasn’t a deal breaker). I did miss ‘whatsapping’ (but my daughter was fine and didn’t need me). I did miss being the ‘emergency contact’ (but all those I cared about were near me).


Ok, I also failed to mention is that I hid my iPhone. In the true sense of the word. Hid it in a drawer, away from my eyes and away from my tetchy fingers. Unseen, unheard. It helped and it did the trick. Result!


Lesson: I shall hide my phone more often, maybe once a week at a time of my choosing, probably a Sunday as that suits my business. I shall not pick up my phone in the mornings until I’m at my ‘desk’. Upon rising I shall drink my lemon tea in peace, do my DDODA, my Daily Dose of Daily Activity (walk, jog, yoga, stretch, mobilise) and then I shall sit at my desk, with my phone.


I’ll let you know how I get on. Work in progress!


Majda x

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