Nut butters are super delicious and super nutritious. We choose to eat them with breakfast, as a snack, for brunch or as part of a sauce for our lunch or dinner. We all have our favourites. Everyone seems to run out of it super quick. But let me tell you, nothing prepares you for that special homemade taste of almond butter.

I have only ever made almond butter. In theory, it’s the same procedure for any other nuts you choose to blend.



1   Roast your nuts in a baking tray for about 10 minutes but with all these things it’s a preference thing. Roasted almonds are more flavoursome and will be easier to blend.

You’ll find that the skin of the almonds may come off. You may choose to peel them off, especially in the case of hazelnuts. If you prefer for the skin to totally come off then roast the almonds some more. I choose to keep the skin on and roast the almonds as they are. More fiber and enriches the taste.

2   Place your almonds in the Vitamix, in the shorter blender that’s made for grinding. Make sure you have what they call the tamper at hand. This will keep pushing the almonds back to the bottom so they get a chance to get blended.

3   That’s it. Get blending. The machine will get hot but keep blending the nuts till they become a smooth consistency or less smooth if you like a coarser blend.

Pour into your jars and close lid tightly. Store at room temperature.

TOP TIP: can make this with other nuts as well, peanut, cashew, walnut, hazelnuts.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF ALMONDS: full of antioxidants, plant-based protein, calcium, magnesium.

WARNING: the nut butter will always remain smooth and consistent, never filling up with a film of excess oil. It will get eaten so fast you’ll be making another jar full!


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