Enough to make one 190g jar size of pesto:

BASIL: 100g

GARLIC: 2 cloves


PINE NUTS: 1 tablespoon

SALT: ½ teaspoon

OLIVE OIL: 100ml



Throw all the dry ingredients together in a food processor. I choose to drizzle the oil in slowly from the open lid on top like you would a mayonnaise. A slow drizzle of oil allows it all to blend in properly. The pesto is of perfect consistency every time.


Option: I buy the basil already prepared in packets. Usually it’s packed by 30g packets so I use three of those. I also buy my parmesan already grated in a packet and use that. Lazy but real.


PESTO: You can make a ‘pesto’ sauce out of almost anything. The key ingredients remain the garlic, olive oil and parmesan.  As for the green element, refer to this article or use your imagination.  Any green should be possible!




Basil: rich source of vitamin K and loads of other vitamins and minerals

Garlic: rich source of manganese plus other medicinal properties

Olive Oil: rich source of omega oils plus large amounts of antioxidants

Parmesan: rich in calcium and vitaminB12 plus an excellent source of other vitamins and protein

Pine nuts: excellent source of omega6, vitamin E and many more vitamins and minerals


Will last in the fridge in an airtight glass container. So many different ways of eating it, as a condiment or in cooking, you’ll need to make another batch pretty soon.


Can freeze and put in ice cubes. Use when needed.


Bon appetit!

Download/Print PESTO RECIPE

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