THREE GIRLS TOGETHER: chit-chat or therapy?

Well, we’re not just girls, we’re ladies, we’re mums, we’re wives, we’re strong women, we’re friends, we’re wise!


Us three girls, we met on the digital airwaves, we first met on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Then, we met in real life. Now we’re friends forever!


Us three girls, we meet up as often as we can, it’s turning out to be about once a month when work or sick kids or half terms allow it to happen!


Us three girls, we’re meeting in what is fast becoming our local, a little (super busy but quiet) café, Saucer and Cup, down in Wimbledon Park. We like it there, we like the food, the coffee, the cakes, the company, all healthy, all free from, all good for you!


Us three girls, we like doing what’s good for us. So, meeting up is not chit-chat, we’re not setting the world to rights, we’re not discussing our latest holidays or our latest outings. We’re not comparing our nail varnish or talking fashion!


Us three girls, we are bearing our souls to each other. We are meeting, on equal ground, as women, as kindred spirits, as strong women together, we are talking frankly, candidly, sharing feelings, thoughts, deep wounds, honest truths, putting our lives in order and unashamedly, truthfully, revealing all!


So, no, this is not chit-chat. Is it therapy? That’s for certain. It is real life therapy happening in real time, happening in a real place, happening in a real café, happening just like that, in an ordinary setting. This is no ordinary chit-chat, this is wellbeing in its highest form!


Us three girls, when we meet, we put our hearts in order and walk away, every single time, with a lighter step and a clearer vision, all niggles set aside, all at the cost of nice chit-chat in a nice café in an ordinary day in the lives of us three girls!







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